The GCU multimedia toolkit

GCU branding toolkit for multimedia

Marketing have produced a toolkit which features the GCU logo, and guidance on how internal clients and production companies external to the university can use it best.

The branding toolkit is available on the GCU network for staff only.

Not sure about how to access and map network drives? Read the guidance from IT.

All staff should have access to these folders, so if you run into problems it’s best to contact IT.

The network address is: \\\gcu\VideoResources\GCU branding

Consent forms and filming notices

If you’re photographing or recording people you need to get their permission to do this and a standard consent form should be completed.

Video Resources folder

The branding toolkit is accessible by following the file path on the GCU network. You access the address using Windows Explorer.
Please note that this may not be available outside the university.

Staff can access the branding toolkit here:

  • \\\GCU\VideoResources

The zipfile is called Video_production_marketing_toolkit.

Staff access using Windows:

  • \\\videoresources$


  • smb://$

Branding for production companies

If you’re working with external production companies on multimedia content please provide them with our brand guidelines and make contact early on with to ensure that your final product helps to build the same consistent audience understanding of who we are and what we do.