Email Signature

How to create an email signature in Outlook

Here is a step by step guide to branding your email signature. This guide is specific to Outlook 2010 on Windows, if need guidance specific to your workstation please contact

Create a signature in Microsoft Word

Download one of the following Microsoft Word documents and amend your details:

*NB When updating a hyperlink, be sure to change the text and the link destination e.g. your email address

Link to the appropriate social media channels

Delete any social media links that do not apply. Include all eight if your emails reach international markets.

If your school or department have their own social media pages, right click the link and update the URL as needed.

Copy to Outlook

Once you are happy with your changes in Word, highlight the entire signature and choose Copy.

Next open Outlook and choose:

  • File
  • Options
  • Mail
  • Signatures
  • New

Paste your signature (copied earlier from Word) into the Edit Signature box and Choose Default.

Update Personal Stationary and Text Only Version

Choose Personal Stationery and change the Font to Arial Regular 11pt

To ensure you signature works when sending Plain Text emails (e.g. from mobile):

Open Outlook and choose:

  • File
  • Options
  • Mail
  • Hold down CRTL and click Signatures

This opens the location of your signatures. You will see HTML, Rich Text and Text versions of your signature.

Open the .txt version (Notepad will do).

Remove or add any details that are missing or shouldn’t be there.

If the .txt document is blank, add the details you want to display without images or hyperlinks.