Brand: Guidelines and Resources

Practical information for maintaining consistency in the GCU brand

Everything you print, publish and share sends out a message to the people around us.

By adhering to brand guidelines you help potential students, partners and colleagues build up a consistent understanding of who we are.

The common good is at the heart of everything we do. We need to express this in an inspiring and dynamic way, illuminating its benefit for each of our audience groups. 

Branding helps us develop one consistent tone of voice, one message that is 'we are the University for the Common Good' and one clear set of values; integrity, creativity, responsibility and confidence.

If we all use these, collectively and consistently, the GCU brand will be stronger and clearer. You’ll also find templates and resources below that can help, however, if you have any queries or need more information contact

GCU brand guidelines

GCU logo

 * Requires professional software to view and manipulate

GCU London logo

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Glasgow Caledonian New York College logo

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Staff email signature

Template and guidance on creating an email signature.

Video toolkit

Templates and guidance for video producers.

Student profiles

For colleagues who may be collecting information from our students, we have developed an easy profile proforma, as well as some guidance as to photography. All completed profiles should be returned to: