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100 years of social housing

6th August 2019

This year marks 100 years since the United Kingdom parliament passed the "Housing, Town Planning, &c Act 1919", known as the Addison Act after the minister of health, Christopher Addison.  The Addison Act called on local authorities to provide 500,000 new homes within three years, to address housing shortages and poor conditions following the first World War.  James Sommerville reflects on the Addison Act and the status of council housing 100 years later, in this piece written for The Conversation.

BBC Scotland website [01/08/2019]
BBC Scotland website [01/08/2019]

Potential Energy: The Case for a Scottish Energy Development Agency

1st August 2019

Dr Keith Baker has been in the media multiple times this week discussing, among other topics, proposals for a Scottish Energy Development Agency.

On 29th July he appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's "Good Morning Scotland" show, on the topic of the Beatrice offshore windfarm, located off the coast of Wick, opened this week by Prince Charles.  He discusses the need for diversifying renewable energy investment in order to benefit more of the general Scottish population. Dr Baker appears approximately 2hr 35 mins into the programme, available HERE.

Then on 31st July he appeared on the Common Weal podcast, talking to Head of Policy & Research Dr Craig Dalzell about proposals for a National Energy Company, in addition to again discussing the proposed Scottish Energy Development Agency.  The two proposed organisations would see energy infrastructure, generation and transmission managed in a way that contributes to the better wellbeing of Scotland and its people.  The podcast can be accessed HERE.

BEAM Research Centre staff develop 'Life saving' construction app

29th July 2019


BEAM Centre’s Professor Billy Hare, has delivered an innovative application for architects and other designers to help them improve health and safety for construction workers, as well as the occupiers and users of buildings.  The multimedia app will reduce injuries and save lives on construction projects across the globe, by making use of video and images that highlight particular health-and-safety issues pertinent to individual building designs.

Research into the app was funded by a £102,800 grant from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the world’s largest professional organisation for OSH practitioners.

Read more on the project on the BBC website.

Former firefighter joins BEAM Research Centre to study the risk of fire in historic buildings


BEAM welcomes Henry Landis, a fire-safety expert and retired firefighter who served with Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service for 30 years, and who is now leading the first comprehensive study into the risk our historic buildings face from fire with the hope of saving more of our heritage from being lost.

Henry believes listed properties are up to three times more likely to be affected by fire but says this is not fully recognised in current regulation and fire safety practice.

Now his research at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), based in the BEAM Research Centre, will examine fire incidents at 375,000 heritage buildings over the past 12 years. He hopes to prove that more needs to be done to protect our most loved buildings.

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BEAM Centre set for September launch event

Industry experts and stakeholders will be invited to the campus on September 19

Safe water, construction health and safety, and energy efficiency are just some of the themes being tackled by an innovative centre at GCU. The Built Environment and Asset Management (BEAM) Centre at GCU is to be officially launched on September 19th 2017. The launch event will see the plans for the Centre as well as engaging and networking with fellow professionals and GCU academics. Professor Hare said: “The official launch will take the form of an industry workshop and brainstorm before a networking event where we aim to promote the BEAM Centre to professionals and highlight its potential as a centre for excellence in innovation, technology and sustainability."

Register for the event here.

GCU to offer joint Erasmus Masters on sustainable climate change management

Sustainable management of urban climate change is a vital need of 21st Century and new professionals to lead this process are urgently needed.

Glasgow Caledonian University along with partner institutions in Finland and Spain will offer an Erasmus Mundus Masters giving graduates the founding to lead sustainable and climate sensitive urban change. The aim of the programme, Master of Urban Climate and Sustainability (MUrCS), is to produce high calibre graduates with skills and knowledge to understand, assess and manage climate resilience in cities.

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Best paper prize at international construction Health & Safety conference

Developing worker engagement maturity model for improving occupational safety and health (OSH) in construction"

Professor Billy Hare, along with his co-authors Dr Kenneth Lawani and Professor Iain Cameron, won a prestigious prize for their Conference Paper, titled: “Developing worker engagement maturity model for improving occupational safety and health (OSH) in construction”. The paper reports on initial findings from a study funded by Berkeley Group, focusing on maturity levels of ‘meaningful discussion’ when engaging construction workers on health and safety matters. It was accepted for inclusion at the CIB (Conseil International du Bâtiment/International Council for Building) conference, run by their Working Group (W099) for the advancement of safety and health (S&H) of construction workers and their Technical Group (TG59) for People in Construction. Prof Billy Hare attended the conference in Cape Town on behalf of the authors and was the recipient of the conference best paper award, which award is named after the late Prof Jimmie Hinze, a past-International Coordinator of W099. 

Research under way on revolutionary health and safety app

Researchers at GCU are developing an app that will look to revolutionise health and safety on construction projects across the globe.

The year-long project, which begins this summer and is led by GCU’s Professor Billy Hare, will deliver an innovative system for educating architects and other designers to help them improve health and safety for construction workers, as well as the occupiers and users of buildings.  The app will integrate with existing Building Information Modelling (BIM) software and make use of video, images and memes that highlight particular health and safety issues pertinent to individual designs.

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ARCOM workshop in Building Asset Management

On Friday 20th January the BEAM Centre at GCU jointly hosted a full day workshop with the Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM)in the field of Building Asset Management

The workshop was convened by Dr Craig Thomson(SCEBE) with 26 participants attending with 8 papers presented by researchers coming from as far afield as Chalmers University (in Gothenburg, Sweden); Lulea University of Technology (Sweden); Loughborough University; University of Bolton; University of Salford; University of Strathclyde; and Laura Rodriguez-Labojos and Sharma Samriti both representing BEAM Centre at GCU. Each presenter provided a paper which following feedback will be published in proceedings of the workshop.  Also participating in the workshop was a number of invited guest speakers and practitioners in the field who contributed through talks and discussions including: Dr Paul Chan (University of Manchester and current ARCOM Committee Chair), Professor Rohinton Emmanuel (Director of BEAM Centre at GCU), Professor Billy Hare (Deputy Director of BEAM Centre at GCU), Professor Milan Radosavljevic (University of West of Scotland), Dr Alex Reid (Apsis Solutions) and Dr Roger Talbot (Roger Talbot Associates). Both Dr’s Reid and Talbot are members of the BEAM Centre’s steering committee.