Why is your story of value?

You may not know it but Scotland has a distinct social enterprise heritage and is seen as a world-leader in the social enterprise movement today. How did it get this reputation?  From pioneering work of social entrepreneurs in the 1970s to every Scottish social enterprise in operation today, all of you have contributed to Scotland’s social enterprise success story. 

Social enterprises like you are also making a valuable difference within their local communities, by providing employment and volunteering opportunities; helping disadvantaged and vulnerable groups; promoting learning and cultural participation; improving health, wellbeing and the environment; and altogether, making your local area a better place to live.

People can learn from your story and be inspired by it to do something that makes a positive difference to people’s lives and encourages social change.

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Archivist's example

Open Aye

If you think your organisation is too small or hasn’t been established long enough to be of value then think again. Watch this video about Open Aye and be inspired.

Activity A2

Reflect on your story's value

This activity gives you the opportunity to reflect on your organisation and note down all the reasons why its story is of value.

This is a good motivational exercise for a team meeting, allowing everyone to reflect on the great work you have done and take pride in it.

Open the Activity booklet and click on Activity A2.