Where do you start?

Bringing all your materials together to create an archive is the most time-consuming part of what is needed to keep your story safe. But you only have to do it once and then the process can be integrated into your work routines resulting in better record keeping for your organisation. Before you get started it’s a good idea to take the time to make a plan and decide on the order and steps you will take.

Dividing up the workload

To make it easier the work can be divided up into smaller units that can be worked on over time. One way is to create smaller amounts of materials by dividing up the locations where they are held. If a location holds a large amount of material, divide it up into smaller units, such as folders for digital materials and shelves or boxes for physical materials.

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Archivist's example

Dividing up the workload

If you are looking for ideas of ways to divide the workload up have a look at this example where the locations from the Archivist’s example from A4 have been divided up and listed.

Activity B2

Dividing up the workload

In this activity you’ll be planning the order for sorting your materials and creating a location work plan.

Open the Activity booklet and click on Activity B2.