Collecting GCU’s COVID-19 story

GCU's COVID-19 story is your story: a call to staff and students

At our Archive Centre we are currently working on collecting GCU's story and we need your help. This story will come from staff and students via departments, teams and individuals and it will record our life as we learn to work and live with COVID-19. By collecting it we will capture the vast and varied activity from across our institution and ensure that it is preserved for present and future generations. 

Ideally we would like departments and teams to identify an archive champion to co-ordinate content from their area but we are just as happy to take material from individuals. This will include strategy, policy and key documents along with the mechanisms and examples of our new way of working, learning and contributing to the collective effort.  We also want to capture what we are doing in the areas of wellbeing, camaraderie and support in a time of virtual meetings, isolation and working from home while prioritising home-schooling, childcare, individual and dependents’ needs. Trying to capture this moment in time is huge. We need to take stock, collect, save and acknowledge the wonderful things we are doing collectively and individually, professionally and personally. We also need to reflect on the difficulties of our new situation and recognise where cracks are appearing. 

What we are looking for are the records that tell your department, team or personal story. We do not want to provide a definitive list of content types – we are handing this back to you as the creators of this new way of working and living - but we are happy to talk it over and offer support. Records of all kinds are in scope for the collection and no item is too small. 

Your departmental, team or personal story is important so please get in touch if you would like to discuss anything or contribute to GCU's story –

Suggested content
  • Official documentation and communication 
  • Departmental and team policy, meetings and emails
  • Content from our student societies and communities 
  • Our COVID-19 research
  • Our contribution to the collective effort 
  • Online learning and teaching practices and resources
  • Changes to where and how we work
  • Your experience through creative outputs and personal reflections 
  • Photographs, video, vlog and screenshots