Early Morning Classes

Set your alarm clocks! ARC’s new early morning class timetable offers classes every weekday.

Situated handily in the centre of Glasgow, ARC at GCU offers the perfect solution for anyone looking to squeeze in a workout at the start of their working day.

With classes such as Metafit and Spin being held in a modern and friendly health and fitness environment, come along and feel energised before you head to work.

‌ ‌Monday

  • 7.15am Spin
  • 7.50am Yoga
  • 7.50am Core & Tone


  • 7.10am Metafit
  • 7.45am Spin


  • 7.10am Spin
  • 7.45am Bodypump Express


  • 7.15am Core and Tone
  • 7.45am Spin


  • 7.15am Metafit
  • 7.50am Spin
  • 7.50am Pilates


  • 10:30am Spin


  • 11:00am Spin

How to book

Just come along to a class and pay at the door or for more information contact us today.