Project Management Group

The Project Management Group is set up to provide overall supervision for a trial on behalf of the Trial Sponsor (Glasgow Caledonian University) and Funder (National Institute for Health Research, Health Technology Assessment program) and to ensure rigorous standards are met. The Group meets every six to eight weeks to discuss the progress of the trial and any issues. 


Dr Doreen McClurg Chief Investigator
Prof. Christine Norton Co-applicant and bowel dysfunction expert
Dr Maureen Coggrave Co-applicant and bowel dysfunction expert
Prof. Suzanne Hagen Co-applicant and clinical trials expert       
Dr Anton Emmanuel Co -applicant and Consultant Gastroenterologist
Dr Helen Mason Co-applicant and Health Economist
Dr Fiona Harris Co-applicant and PI Process Evaluation 
Prof. Peter Donnan Co-applicant and Tayside Clinical Trials lead
Prof. Shaun Treweek Co-applicant and trials expert
Prof. John Norrie Co-applicant and trials expert
Mr Michael Hannah Database co-ordinator of CTU Tayside Unit
Dr Fiona Hogarth Manager of CTU Tayside Unit     
Dr Selina Doran Process Evaluation Researcher
Ms Petra Rauchhaus Tayside Clinical Trials Trial Statistician
Ms Kerry Walker Trial Coordinator
Dr Kirsteen Goodman Trial Manager