Phil Differ and Ann Heffernan

Phil and Ann Differ_226pxPhil and Ann met while studying at GCU on the HND Communications Course in the early 1980’s. They have been together ever since and are now married with a son.

Phil recalls meeting Ann:

"I fell for Ann’s beautiful blue eyes then she laughed at one of my jokes and that was me.. hooked for life. Our first date was me taking her to the pictures, a war film entitled The Big Red One starring Lee Marvin. I know what you’re thinking - what a romantic old devil."

Ann says:

"Philip was a ‘mature’ student at 24 and I was attracted to the ‘older’ man at the age of 17!  Bottom line - he was confident and very laid back and told so many funny stories, he had me laughing within minutes of us meeting.  I did have to give him some fashion tips like losing the brushed denim jacket, but 36 years on he is still making me laugh!"

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