Joel Somerville

2008 Glasgow Caledonian University Magnusson Award
BSc (Hons) Optometry 2008

Joel Somerville 680px

"The Magnus Magnusson award has done two things for me – practically, I am now much more confident speaking French and Spanish and I’m skilled and confident in my professional diagnoses; personally I have also been changed. I’m not afraid to live my dreams wherever they take me, and I’ve been given the courage to realise that the one stone I carry can be part of the building of the world."

Joel received one of the inaugural Magnusson awards. With the funding, he travelled over 6,000 miles by car to French speaking Togo in West Africa to volunteer on a Mercy Ship as an optometrist. 

Whilst on board the ship, which brings free medical care to some of the world’s poorest people, Joel carried out eye surgeries and was involved with the pre and post op care and screening of patients.

He continued his volunteering with an organisation called Latin Link in Guatemala and Nicaragua, a Christian charity that is involved in medical and educational work in South America.

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