Gillian Murray

2014 Catholic Bishops’ Conference Magnusson Award
MSc Public Health 2014

Gillian Murray 680px

"It is easy to take for granted the excellent health care we receive here in Scotland. From visiting another third world country previously on another health project I was inspired to visit Tanzania. I feel this has had a major impact on my confidence as a practitioner and as a woman."

With her Magnusson award funding, Gillian travelled to Tanzania to participate in the “Kangaroo Mother Care” project, a life-saving initiative for premature and vulnerable babies. Most hospitals in the region cannot afford equipment such as incubators; however an alternative is using skin-to-skin contact. 

Based in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar Es Salaam, Gillian initially worked in a labour ward to deliver new-borns. She was shocked to learn that one in five babies delivered died each day, and many deaths were preventable. 

Working in a neo-natal care unit with some of the most at risk babies, she taught new mothers how to keep babies warm through continuous skin-to-skin contact. This prevents infections whilst also keeping the babies’ temperature, breathing and brain activity constant. 

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