Ciar Pringle

GCU Sportsman of the Year 2018
BEng Electrical Power Engineering


Why did you want to come to GCU to study? What appealed to you about the University?

I came to GCU because I was interested in the course I am now currently doing. I had never done anything like it and the course seemed very interesting to me.

How have you found juggling your studies with your sporting activities? Have you had support from the University to help with this?

I have been able to keep up with all my uni work this year well by using the time I have off training to do the work I missed from training or competitions. The uni has been great with the support I have received i.e. funding and flexibility. I have received funding which has helped massively to get me to my competitions abroad which can be very expensive. The flexibility of my module leaders has been incredible by helping me do my tests at different times and also helping me out with deadlines for reports or presentations. The support has been massive.

When did you first start playing badminton?

I started badminton when I was 4 at a badminton club my mum and dad went to. I didn't start competitively until about 10.

What do you love about the sport?

I loved the sport from when I was young because I felt good when I played it. When I started competing I loved the thrill you got when the games got close and the rallies got faster and everyone's best shots are played. I love the fast pace of the game.

What did it mean to you to win GCU Sportsman of the Year 2018?

It was an honour to win the award this year especially since it's my first year at university and there were a lot of tough competitors. It was good to see that my achievements have been noticed and makes me feel really good about my achievements this year and will push me to strive for more

What are your future plans, both with your degree and in athletics?

For my degree I want to keep my head down and keep up with my work. I will try and look into whatever opportunities there are for my degree for example any form of work experience or workshops I can go to to see what it is like after uni.

For my badminton my biggest goal just now is to make it into the Scotland team for the European Mixed Team Championships which will be in December and is the group stages of the competition. I have a massive dream to make it to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022. It is a massive goal for the future and I definitely on the right track for it.

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