Taczarina Hirani

Staff Nurse
BSc Adult Nursing 2017


Are you glad you came to GCU and why? 

GCU has been an amazing experience for me. I have worked at the university while studying and learnt so much about different cultures through amazing activities for international students. I choose GCU because I wanted to study at the best nursing school in Scotland and GCU is well known for their nursing course. 

How has your GCU degree helped you? 

After leaving GCU, I immediately got a job as a staff nurse in the vascular ward in the famous St Thomas hospital in London. I stayed there for four months. Unfortunately, I was missing Scotland too much and decided to come back and work in Edinburgh. I absolutely love Scotland. 

What advice would you give to current students and new graduates? 

As a European student, I would suggest to go for all the different activities and socialise as much as you can. Join societies and be part of the university. It has so much to offer. It makes and adds to your experience. Everyone is so helpful and you get to see familiar faces all around campus if you socialise.

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