Linzi Nisbet

Clinical Educator at Interhealth Canada, UAE
Bachelor in Nursing (adult 2007)


Are you glad you came to GCU and why? 

I chose to study at GCU as it had a large nursing faculty with the potential to gain a wide variety of clinical experience due the large number of placements available in the Glasgow area. I was able to gain experience in 4 different hospitals and various other areas such as the community setting also.

How has your GCU degree helped you? 

Since leaving GCU I worked in an NHS hospital gaining experience in various medical specialities and critical care before moving to Saudi Arabia to work in stroke and neurology for the military. I returned to GCU to study an educational focused post graduate which has let me to my current position of clinical educator in a specialised women and children's hospital in the UAE.

What advice would you give to current students and new graduates? 

Become engaged in lifelong learning. Nursing is a career that can take you all over the world. Work & study hard, then you can play harder.


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