Gillian Barrett

Advanced Nurse Practitioner at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
BSc (Hons) in Advanced Nursing in Primary Care 2014


Are you glad you came to GCU and why? 

I attended GCU twice, first as a young nurse back in the 1990s working towards a BSc in Health Studies. This was at a time before nurse training was university based. During my studies, I worked full time as a junior nurse and had two children so it was pretty tough. 

Years later, I returned to join the first cohort of the advanced nursing program. The course was tough but with the amazing support of staff and other students, I got through it. I didn’t, however, finish the dissertation until four years later after my dad had died and I didn’t want to study. However, I needed to complete my dissertation and did so again with amazing staff support. 

So from the ages 25 to 51, GCU has been a feature in my life. I am sure there is more to come. 

How has your degree helped you? 

I have had a variety of jobs in nursing. Working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner has been very challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. This post would not have been available to me without attending Glasgow Caledonian University. 

What advice would you give to current students and new graduates?

 Enjoy your career. If you no longer enjoy it, you are at risk of burn out. Do not feel you have to leave nursing, just opt for a new challenge. That way you will be excited by your career and will give it your best. Remember never stop caring. A varied career that allows you to give the best care will be very rewarding.

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