Anne Sutton

Ward Manager at the St Margaret of Scotland Hospice
BA (Hons) in Nursing Studies 2005


Are you glad you came to GCU, and why?

I was a mature student, probably the oldest in the year. There was such a great mix of students and we learned a lot from each other. During my studies, my dad died suddenly so I didn't really think I would be able to finish the course. However, the support I received from my lecturers went well above their remit and I shall be forever grateful for the love and encouragement they gave me. 

How has your GCU degree helped you? 

I started as a staff nurse in the renal unit at the Western Infirmary. I loved my time there. I realised that palliative and end of life care was challenging in the acute sector. I had been an auxiliary nurse at St Margaret of Scotland Hospice prior to starting my training. I applied for a post there and loved every minute of it. The staff at the university gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. 

What advice would you give to current students and new graduates?

Speak to your classmates and lecturers. Don't bottle worries up, share your feelings because the majority of others will feel the same way.

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