Fraser Smith

BA (Hons) in Social Sciences 2012 and Graduate Diploma Psychology 2015

Psychology Research Assistant at GCU and trainee Counselling Psychologist


We sat down with Fraser Smith a Psychology graduate who works as a researcher at GCU. He told us about how the Social Sciences degree put him towards a path towards his dream profession. 

How was your time at GCU?

GCU was a great option for me when I started my university career in 2007. They offered a course in Social Sciences that was ideal for me at the time as I wasn't completely certain what I wanted to specialise in. 

Since graduating in 2012, I went back to GCU to undertake my graduate diploma in Psychology. With a new found passion and a vision for what I wanted to do, I was supported in such a way by the University that I received a merit for my degree and found my interest in psychology growing. In 2016 I decided to take another leap of faith and attend GCU for the third time to conduct my doctorate in counselling psychology.

It is a course that I have so far found fascinating, experiencing learning and career opportunities continuously. I have spent almost ten years studying at GCU and in 2020 I plan to graduate for the third time from this university. I have failed and gotten lost many times but have always found that this university is willing to support anyone who is willing to work hard and ask for help. 

How has your career developed since GCU? 

In addition to my studies at GCU, I have also had the opportunity to work for the university. Since graduating from my psychology degree and starting my doctorate in counselling psychology, I’ve been employed as a research assistant in the psychology department where I work with Professor Paul Flowers and others in raising awareness of antimicrobial resistance. 

I also work as a seminar tutor for undergraduate psychology students. I enjoy both roles tremendously and have enjoyed experiencing GCU as both a student and staff member. I have found GCU just as supportive on an occupational basis as I have on a study basis. 

What are your words of wisdom? 

University life can be a challenge. I myself have often found the challenge greater than I first anticipated. I failed a lot during my early stages of academic life but what I would advise students currently studying at GCU is that it is never too late to turn it around. The opportunity is always there to start a fresh and change your attitude towards education. 

I experienced this first hand between my social sciences undergraduate and my postgraduate in psychology. Regardless of past experiences or previous failures, with hard work you will be amazed how things change for the better.

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