Sukhjit Singh

Career Strategist at the Peel Multicultural Council
BSc Computer Engineering 2005


Sukhjit Singh’s job involves helping newcomers settle into their new lives in Canada. He grew up in India, but moved to Oman and got a GCU degree at the partnered institution of the Caledonian College of Engineering. Since then he has moved to Canada where he publicly speaks about his journey. He has written a book about emigrating called Same Shoes, Different Doors.

Why did you choose BSc Computer Engineering?

My intention was to go Oman to work, but then after one, two years, I believe, I realised that I needed to upgrade my skills. I was coming from a specialised computer background so that's why I chose this and secondly, the computer science and electronic department was one of the biggest and so it made sense that I finished a diploma in computer science subjects and now I have my degree also.

What are your favourite memories?

The curriculum was Glasgow based so that was very interesting for me because, as an instructor, I was teaching some parts of it, but I was learning the bigger part of it. There were teachers from all over the world, but their teaching methodologies, teaching style and curriculum was strictly a Scottish curriculum. For me, I was born, raised and partly educated in India and the education system is different there so for me it was fun yet challenging because I was working.

Getting a degree from Glasgow made me realise that I should not stop there also then I also finished my MBA later on. So if I had not done my degree from Glasgow I would not have taken my MBA. My degree was a bridge between getting my masters and my current position. I enjoyed the subjects and I enjoyed the way they taught the curriculum and it was an opportunity to learn in a new environment

What’s your current role?

I have a completely different story. In Oman, I was an instructor and technician initially then I moved to lecturer position and when I came to Canada, Canada is a whole different game. I started from scratch, it took me six months to prepare myself to jump into something which was won't be teaching computer science. Now I'm in the business of teaching how to use transferable skills. My Glasgow degree was recognised over here and that gave me confidence. When you move to a new country, there are many things which happen to you so credential is one thing. 

Now I’m a career strategist which means I have people in their journey when they are looking for jobs. When they are lost in Canada, in terms of where they should go for employment counselling, what kind of job opportunities are there, what program they should enrol and I cover wide variety of individuals from international students, skilled immigrants and now, as part of the influx, we have Syrian refugees. I work in non-profit now, I don't teach in college. But somehow, I turn into a public speaker and I go to public events where I share my journey. There I feel fulfilled.

I do miss my teaching, but I enjoy what I do. It is very fulfilling for me because I get to take my experience and help people who are choosing Canada as their next destination. Education is everything, I say. I believe in being in education. If you look at the world, what is happening now, it is only lack of education.

What advice would you give?

Number one, IT is always going to grow. Second is, don't let any idea go to waste. Share with your teachers, peers and anybody. There are core basics that this degree will teach and you will be good to go for whatever will come in the future. The emphasis is on your curriculum and putting all the efforts to learn. 

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