Louise Tierney

BSc Instrumentation with Applied Physics 2001 and MSc E-Commerce Technology 2003 

Entrepreneur, Author and Business Consultant


Louise is an award winning author and Editorial Director of Lash Magazine, a publication for make-up technicians working in the industry. In 2015 she won an award from Business Women Scotland for international growth. 

What advice would you give to fellow students and alumni? 

Success is transferable. Once you’re successful in one industry, you can apply that to other business and aspects of your life. 

Something that may once have felt impossible to achieve is perfectly achievable. Keep trying, offer something unique, don’t fear change, that is what keeps you ahead of the game, and don’t follow trends.

Keep learning, always be uncomfortable, never in your comfort zone. Spend time with inspirational people who encourage you. Give before you receive. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build the door.

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