Andrew Mason

BSc Quantity Surveying 1987 

GCU UHatch Ambassador, Entrepreneur and independent real estate consultant


"I loved my time at GCU and had a great four years. If it wasn’t for the degree I did in the first place, it wouldn’t have led me onto the next thing and onto the next thing."
Andrew Mason, Lifetime Achievement Award 2016

Andrew Mason is a successful entrepreneur with a client list that has included actor Kevin Costner and musician Iggy Pop. Since his time at GCU, his businesses have built the asset portfolios of his clients and taken them to new heights with his private jet service. We asked Andrew to update us on his current professional life and time as a UHatch Ambassador. 

Can you describe your current role?

Most of my focus is working with private clients. That’s my background; I would look after somebody’s real estate and then that moved into lifestyle work as well so I might look after the purchase of a boat, or other lifestyle services, for that particular client. Nowadays, I do fewer transactions, but I look at art, commodities and other ways to promote the asset value of somebody’s portfolio.

Added to that, I have the work I do at the university here which I enjoy. I get to use a different part of my brain while lecturing, to start with. The perception of an entrepreneur has changed since six months ago so I do classes here over the course of the year. I work on the UHatch programme for self-starts. It’s really empowering because there’s a lot of talent at a young age which for me to see is great. I didn’t really strike out until I was in my thirties so I was a late starter.

I’ve also kept my own book of projects that I’m working on. I’ve always been in the sports market. Some of my private clients are athletes and I’m back involved with that which is great. It’s like work but not really work because it’s fun. I’ve got a Sports Asset Management project launching soon in America which will allow people in the sports world to look at how they invest, where they invest and who they invest with.

What opportunities are there for students on campus?

UHatch is a really great initiative. I’m so glad GCU has developed it because there are lots of myths about being an entrepreneur and probably the easiest one is that people think you have to have some super idea when you’re five years old, as if you need to invest the new pencil or something, but that isn’t the case at all.

It’s important to support people coming through their tertiary education because they’re finding their sea legs and starting to challenge the information that they get and maybe think about what they could do or maybe not do.

UHatch is perfectly poised to say to young adults, if you have an idea for a company then we can curate a space that you can use. You can sign up for it and come forward with your idea and get advice on how to start it up. There are a lot of factors and when you’re young, you don’t have all the answers – you wouldn’t be expected to have the answers. Facilities like UHatch give students the opportunity to find out more. You’re empowering businesses and people. 

UHatch is Glasgow Caledonian University’s new incubator space, designed to assist entrepreneurial students, graduates and staff members.‌

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