Ahmed Kutbi


Ahmed Kutbi is in his final year of a 3 year PhD programme, researching the treatment of wastewaters generated from the production of pharmaceuticals.  We asked Ahmed to give us some context into why study at GCU and his experience of living in Glasgow.

Why choose Glasgow Caledonian University?

Actually it was my wife, Rouba Naaman, who came to study in Glasgow first.  She got a scholarship from King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to do her MSc and PhD and eventually fill a lecturer position in the Clinical Nutrition Department back home.  I spotted the MSc Energy and Environmental Management programme being offered here at GCU and joined.  I liked the way the programme brought the management aspects and environmental technologies together.  This applied approach is not widely offered back home.  I successfully completed the MSc and applied for a PhD study, and the rest is history, as they say.

How has the experience been?

Looking back into my journey as I’m approaching toward finishing up my PhD, what I’m left with is a great experience. The opportunity to continue my post graduate studies has given me a much deeper understanding of environmental issues, and I can see how my research skills and analytical techniques have improved and sharpened.  This has given me confidence to be an independent researcher and to communicate my ideas effectively.

And your plans for back in Saudi?

Environmental issues, especially those related to water and wastewater treatment are of major importance to Saudi Arabia to achieve sustainable development.  Indeed achieving environmental sustainability is part of our 2030 vision for the future.   I can see there is a lot to be done in terms environmental policies, water pollution management, waste management, climate change and renewable energy.  Hopefully I can contribute by encouraging a fusion of my knowledge and experience gained with the challenges and opportunities Saudi Universities face in the environmental agenda.

In summary, I found my experience here studying Glasgow have been worthwhile academically and culturally enriching.

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