Simone Davidson

2020 BA(Hons) Business Management 

Simone Davidson 680 

Why did you choose GCU?

I picked GCU because the course for business management allowed you to work during your third year, something that I struggled to find in different unis across Glasgow. It’s a really important thing to get a feel for the real business environment. The people was a big aspect as well, down to earth and easy to get along with.

How would you describe your experience at GCU?

I loved my time at GCU, I have had both happy and stressful times on campus. Manic in the library during my dissertation, but lots of laughs too. I miss it!

What are your fondest memories of GCU?

I would lie and say it was my second year class at 2:30 in second semester, but it’s when the dogs came in during exam time to de-stress everyone.

How would you describe the quality of the teaching and support your received from GCU?

I would say it’s a good mix between leaving you to get on with it, whilst providing enough support. The independence helps you make sense of it by yourself, which is really invaluable after you leave Uni. And the LDC deserve a raise - they are amazing!

Can you tell us how you coped with the transition to online learning during the pandemic?

It was definitely hard, as it was my last year the abrupt end to our 4 years at GCU was sad. I think it will definitely be harder for students now, our discussions in class sparked a lot of conversation that would otherwise not be had online in my opinion. Being around people in your course, helping each other out is a really big part of the Uni experience, and I think it’ll be hard without that.