Satwika Sabal

2020 MBA Luxury Brand Management (GCU London) 

Satwika Sabal 680 

Why did you choose GCU?

I chose GCU because it offered me a unique opportunity of specialisation in my field of interest.

How would you describe your experience at GCU?

I had a great time learning. I found that all the professors were determined to provide a world-class, top notch education to their students.

What are your fondest memories of GCU?

I have many! I particularly enjoyed interacting with my professors and working on challenging assignments.

How would you describe the quality of the teaching and support your received from GCU?

As I have mentioned before too, I am completely satisfied with the quality of education imparted to me. Learning never stops but I am confident that I have acquired a deep knowledge of luxury branding.

Can you tell us how you coped with the transition to online learning during the pandemic?

That was most challenging part but thankfully I had only my last semester, the dissertation semester left which I finished from the US, where I stay now. I must share that the staff of GCU, specifically the library was very helpful during that daunting time.