Richard Longmuir

2008 Dip Multimedia Visualisation & PD
2010 BA(Hons) Applied Graphics Technology
Creative Director at Launch Digital Ltd


Why choose GCU

I chose GCU because I thought it had the best and most up-to-date computer facilities out of any of the universities I visited, the coursework and modules was also more varied giving me the chance to explore everything from web design, print graphics and video/animation to 3D modelling, behavioural psychology and business marketing. Other Universities were too restrictive in their coursework and seemed a bit stuffy. GCU was modern and vibrant.

What was most important

I think the friendliness of the lecturers was important, you could ask them anything and they were down-to-earth and approachable. The location was also great especially for socialising with other students after class, making bonds that would last a lifetime and all the facilities (like the Arc gym) were modern and everything was on campus. The sports teams such as the GCU Roughriders American Football team and the Golf team were also very important to me.

Biggest lesson learned

I think my biggest lesson learned was to ask questions. Never be satisfied until you fully understand something and don't be shy, you will only learn if you ask.

Describe GCU

I would describe GCU as multicultural, modern, progressive, cosmopolitan and welcoming. I made friends from a huge range of different cultures and countries including Polish, Irish, Italian, Vietnamese, Turkish and Indian. It was great to be a part of something so diverse.

Who inspires you

Neville Brody always inspired me in my early days in graphic design, his work on typography especially. Although not in my field Thomas Heatherwick inspired me to think differently about design in general. On a more personal level Andrew Nicolson who was our mentor/tutor during my time at GCU inspired me to do more as an alumni. And my fellow classmates have also inspired me including Riccardo Chapman who started his own successful agency and Richard Dalrymple who's minimalist design style is great.

What's next for you

My ambition when I left university was to get a good, stable job as a web designer, but since becoming Creative Director I have enjoyed exploring different aspects of design in different sectors across the world. I would like to continue to build Launch into one of the best agencies in Scotland as we go from strength to strength. I would also like to get involved more in GCU, after becoming a mentor in 2019 I feel like I'd like to help more students succeed and help them make that first step into the design world. I would also like to get more involved with the charities we work with at Launch. We work with some amazing people who do fantastic work in the community including Craig Johnson, founder of Launch Foods, Angela Iver, founder of Unity Grill and Charandeep Singh who works with the Sikh Foodbank. We have created marketing campaigns and designs to help promote these causes but I'd like to get even more involved in the future. We are actually working with Dr Mary Maclachlan at GCU to give the students a design brief to focus on promoting Launch Foods in Glasgow which will be a great opportunity to combine my mentoring and charity work. Maybe one day later in life I'd like to come back as a lecturer to give my experience and knowledge onto the next generation.

Anything else 

I'd just like to day that I look on my time at GCU with great fondness, I've met so many kind, generous and brilliant people through my course and through the alumni program. I have made friends for life and still keep in touch with many of my classmates and lecturers, even though some have moved abroad. It was one of the best experiences in my life and I wouldn't do anything differently. I'd definitely recommend studying at GCU to anyone.

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