Rachael Hastings

2006 BA(Hons) Business Law
Vice President - financial crime operations - Barclays Bank


Why choose GCU

I chose GCU for the sense of community and inclusive culture. Leaving school and starting university can be a daunting time but the staff and students were really what made the experience so memorable for all the right reasons

What was most important

Feeling supported and the culture where everyone genuinely wanted to see each other succeed.
The student union was also a cherished part of our 4 years at GCU - many afternoons and nights spent there!

Biggest lesson learned

The Biggest lesson I learned was - don't be afraid to change course if you feel it’s not right for you. The team let me switch from accountancy to business law in year 1 and I didn’t look back. it was the best decision I could have made.

Describe GCU

Inclusive, supportive, innovative and warm.

Who inspires you

Anyone who is unapologetically themselves 100% of the time. Also my sister who is a doctor, mum and general superstar!!

What's next for you

I'm not afraid to say that I left university with my honours degree at 22 and had no idea what the future held. My ambition grew as I developed my career and set myself goals along the way.

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