Paul Reynolds

2010 BSc(Hons) Computing with Software Engineering
Senior Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)


Why choose GCU

My main interest has been in technology and computers since a young age and when researching my path into University I was looking for a local institution that offered the right tech course for me. GCU's engineering school offered a computing course with several flavours to progress down in my senior years at the school. This was the perfect course for me to develop the skills I wanted while living locally.

What was most important

The people. During my 4 years at GCU I had the opportunity to build great relationships with my peers which has given me a core network of connections in the tech industry. In addition, the opportunity to work and learn with the GCU lecturers exposed me to new ideas and emerging tech trends which prompted me to think in different ways and develop myself in line with technology trends.

Biggest lesson learned

For me it is the practice of self-development and formalizing that for me rather than just going with the flow in my younger years. Setting short and long terms goals, being clear on what is required to achieve those goals, removing noise and distractions that can be detrimental to achieving goals and engaging in continued education to help you achieve. Having that clear-cut vision gives me the confidence to pursue the path I want to go down.

Describe GCU

To me GCU offers a lot of opportunity to people that really opens doors for its students to allow them to progress within their field of expertise. GCU is a platform that allows its students to develop themselves personally and professionally that can propel them to success and achieve the long-term goals and vision they have for themselves. This has a direct impact on the economic performance of Glasgow and Scotland as the University exports well developed, highly skilled people to local industries.

Who inspires you

I have a number of people I take inspiration from in the tech industry, politics and sport however I feel as if it is important in this day in age where it is easy to admire people with money, fame and status that the true inspirational people are those that demonstrate hard work, are humble and invest in the betterment of others. That’s why my true inspiration would be my Aunt Margaret who had a successful career within the civil service and who has dedicated a lot of time to me to help develop my work ethic, focus and support me through challenging times in my career to date.

What's next for you

I am continuing my development path at my current employer in New York City, USA, however the time will come when I move back to the UK to apply my learning from America within the UK markets. My ambitions have certainly changed since leaving GCU with my core skills formally being development to now being Cyber Security where I now look to be in senior influential roles within the industry.

Anything else

Glasgow is a city with a lot of potential, and I would like to personally see more tech innovation leading the way in the industry on top of some great organisations which exist in the city just now. GCU offers the opportunity to start on this journey. Hopefully future GCU students will be the ones developing papers such as 'The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine' aka 'Google', developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

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