Guillemette Tesson

2020 MSc Environmental Management 

Guillemette Tesson 680

Why did you choose GCU?

There was a partnership with my French School and I had good feedback from former students.

How would you describe your experience at GCU?

Really nice year, I met a lot of foreign and local people, all very nice. Teachers are very qualified and trustful people who are always aware of our feelings and comfort.

What are your fondest memories of GCU?

I played Volleyball and Boxing. Therefore, my best memories were the matches I did with the team.

Also as part of my Master's programme, we went to Aviemore for 3 days which was very nice.

How would you describe the quality of the teaching and support your received from GCU?

Really complete and well organized and supervised.

Can you tell us how you coped with the transition to online learning during the pandemic?

I came back to France in a hurry, leaving all my stuff in Glasgow...

But that was well managed by teachers, I could follow on Teams with no issues. And my Dissertation was well supervised with distance too (even if it was difficult to focus alone).