Elizabeth Marriott

2019 PG Cert Medical Ultrasound
Consultant Radiographer, NHS Fife


Why choose GCU

The course offered was the only one in Scotland and I was keen to undertake the programme close to where I live. I had previously studied my DCR in Glasgow, GCU is my alma mater and I originally graduated from the university in 1994!

What was most important

The support and clinical expertise of the lecturing team was vital, as was the defined approach to practise. As an advanced breast practitioner I fully understood what was expected of me professionally but the personal journey of transforming into a competent and confident practitioner demands a course which builds appropriate skills. I found the PgCert allowed me to remain focussed on my breast specialty but also to integrate with other disciplines who also use ultrasound in their practise.

Biggest lesson learned

Learning to be an autonomous ultrasound practitioner has been the steepest learning curve I’ve been on since I qualified as a radiographer. It completes my journey in underpinning consultant practice clinically.

Describe GCU

For me after years of studying at other universities, it felt like coming home!

Who inspires you

On a professional level, I am inspired by those breast radiographers who have undertaken consultant practice before me and who have worked hard to be proven as credible and be taken seriously.
On a personal level my son inspires me. He lives with the stigma of a hidden disability and has faced lots of negativity and ignorance surrounding his condition. His ability to bypass that and be his own person makes me proud and humbled beyond belief.

What's next for you

I am where I have wanted to be professionally. I promised myself after I’d returned to work following a career break that I would pursue consultant practice and give it my all. The world is my oyster now. I’ve proven to myself that I can do the things I'd only dreamed of before.

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