Khine Thant

MSc Social Business and Microfinance, 2016

Executive Director

Khine Thant 680px

We checked in with Khine Thant, a GCU graduate in social business and microfinance. Originally hailing from Myanmar, she now works as an Executive Director for a microfinance firm.

What made you choose GCU and your specific course?

I was interested in microfinance and looking for a masters degree in that field, which led men to choose GCU. I also chose it for the established Yunus Center, plus being in a city like Glasgow.

How did you find the transition to study in Scotland and subsequently moving away again to pursue your career?

I have previously studied abroad, but never in Europe, so this was my first time moving to stay in the UK. The first impression of the city and the Scottish people were quite welcoming and warm. I am satisfied with my decision for choosing Glasgow over other places.

What are your memories of University?  Were you involved in any clubs or societies?

Big spacious libraries and always-under-renovation buildings were part of my memories of the University, apart from my classmates who came from different parts of the world. We had quite a diverse class (me from Myanmar, one each from South Korea, Mexico, Italy, Scotland, Nigeria and Kyrgyzstan).

How has your career progressed since graduation from GCU? Did your GCU qualification aid you?

Now I have started my career in microfinance and I believe my GCU qualification will give me further improvement along the way.

Can you tell me more about your current role?

I have taken the role as Executive Director in a private, microfinance firm, mostly handling operations and product development.

What advice would you give to current students and new graduates? Do you have any hints or tips specific to your industry?

Believe in what you do or what you want to achieve. The world is bigger out there. Being the top in the class will get you to some point, but being more than average in the real world is what will help you achieve professionally.

What are your future plans, both professionally and personally?

Professionally, I want to bring our microfinance firm to the next level by expanding locally to increase our client base in a couple of years. Personally, I want to be someone who can bring positive changes to my people and the country.

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