Joanne Wright

BA (Hons) Business, Management and Marketing

Vice President of Supply Chain, IBM, New York


The fact the course offered a broad range of subject areas and the chance to work in industry for a year really appealed to me. I had a great time as a student and met some fabulous friends who I continue to be close to today.
Joanne Wright

Joanne Wright has worked her way up to the top of the supply chain industry with IBM. Her career has taken her from Scotland to New York, America. 

Joanne is originally from Kilmarnock and studied at Grange Academy. She’s been with IBM since 1990, originally working from Greenock, Scotland. As well as a BA (Hons) Business, Management and Marketing from GCU, she also holds an MBA in Procurement Management from Strathclyde University. 

Currently, she is the Vice President of IBM Supply Chain and works in Somers, New York state. Joanne leads a team which uses AI technology to revolutionise the supply chain industry. Prior to this role, she was the Vice President Global Operations which succeeds her previous role as Vice President of Worldwide Manufacturing. 

She’s been recognised as one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen.

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