Tuleen Boutaleb

BEng (Hons) Engineering 1995 

Senior Lecturer, Audio and Electronic Engineering

Tuleen Boutaleb 680px

Tuleen is originally from Algeria. She was born in Tripoli (Libya) then lived in Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE, before moving to Algeria and Morocco to attend high school and complete her Maths Baccalaureate. 

She moved to Scotland in 1990 to begin her studies at GCU, graduating in 1995 with BEng (Hons) Engineering. Thereafter she completed her PhD and worked on 2 European research projects, one of which focussed on designing and developing the communications system for remote monitoring and control of street lighting to provide a more energy efficient system. 

Tuleen returned to GCU in 2001 as a lecturer, and now been teaching at the University for 17 years. 

She says: 

‘My main research interest is in the use of Wireless Communications (Wireless Sensor Networks, including underwater, and mobile networks) for remote monitoring and control. Some of the projects I worked on include street lighting remote monitor and control, wind turbine monitoring and farm monitoring. Current work is in the area of smart cities with focus on vehicle to vehicle/infrastructure communications for collision avoidance, etc.

I am very passionate about getting more kids interested in Engineering and especially girls who traditionally don’t think of engineering as a career or are discouraged from taking related subjects at school. I always wanted to be a vet but when I finished my baccalaureate, a family friend who is an engineer suggested that I do Electronic Engineering based on his experience and I liked the idea and I am really glad I had that chat with him as I enjoy research and lecturing  in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering.’ 

Read Tuleen’s GCU blog about STEM as a career for women here.


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