Khalid Abdul Rahim

MSc in Construction Management

CEO of Cebarco Bahrain

Khalid Abdulrahim 680px

I believe the MSc in Construction Management from Glasgow Caledonian and my ongoing relationship with the university has been key to the rapid growth of my business and the successful delivery and early completion of world class projects such as the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix Circuit and the Abu Dhabi F1 YAS-Marina Circuit. I am honoured to be a supporter of the university that helped me move my company to the next level.
Khalid Abdul Rahim

Khalid Abdul Rahim is the CEO of Cebarco Bahrain, a multi-million dollar construction company in the Middle East. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is a proud supporter of GCU. 

Some of his projects include the Formula One Racing Circuit in Bahrain, the Sheikh Isa bin Salman Library and Conference Centre, Citibank Headquarters and the Seef Fly-Over's. He also successfully delivered the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 circuit in the UAE which was completed in August 2009. 

He undertook his MSc degree with GCU at the same time as he was building one of the most challenging construction projects in Bahrain - the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit which had to be completed in 16 months from a standing start. It was completed on time and this achievement helped to establish him as a major player in the construction industry in the Middle East. 

His turnover has grown from that time in 2003/04 when it stood at $150million to the present $1.5billion. He was recently nominated as Middle East Entrepreneur of the year and holds the University in very high regard.

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