Simon Johansson

International Business 2014

Financial Analyst at Frontier Law and Advisory

Simon Johansson 680px

"GCU gave me all the tools to get where I am today. It’s really what you make of it."
Simon Johansson

How has your career progressed since graduation? Did your qualification aid you? 

GCU gave me all the tools to get where I am today. It’s really what you make of it. They gave me all the options, like going abroad and the possibility of taking all the courses that I actually wanted to take.

There are two parts to my degree: financial management, accounting side of things, and then the broader business and marketing components which are more cultural.

I was in Indonesia last year to command new projects by looking at it from an outside perspective. Getting an understanding right away is very difficult but that it where the business part of my degree really came in useful. I am able to understand organisation’s work in different countries and cultures. 

Can you tell me more about your current role? 

I’m a financial analyst at a law firm in Hanoi. We’re a Hong Kong based law firm and I initially came as an intern. It was a second job at the same time. I worked as an intern Monday through Friday then I worked nights Wednesday through Friday for about five weeks. Eventually I was promoted to part time and then they offered me a financial analyst role.

What is your greatest professional achievement? 

So myself and two friends launched a brewery which is probably the proudest achievement because it’s our own company. It’s called Seven Bridges and we’ve partnered with Sheraton Hotels as well as multiple bars across the city. We’re one of the first to sell craft beer in a bottle in Vietnam. So we make our own bottles, beer and branding. We’ve been doing pretty well so far.

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