Callas Chen

Senior marketing manager, JLL South China


"I remembered the first day I arrived at the campus for registration, I immediately had the opportunity to attend the master class delivered by Patrick Grant, CEO of Norton & Sons on Savile Row that same evening."
Callas Chen, MBA Luxury Brand Marketing, 2015

Callas has a taste for luxury. Her search for the finer things in life is perhaps why, with ten years of marketing and branding experience behind her, MBA Luxury Brand Marketing was the perfect combination.

Studying abroad is a daunting experience for any international student but she found GCU London to be like a “cosy home.”

The setting of the campus on Fashion Street also allowed her to pursue her second love: style.

Only four months after coming to the UK from China, Burberry offered her a part time job at their Bond Street branch as a stylist.

Now, she has her sights set even higher. Callas is the Senior Marketing Manager of JLL South China hub, a real estate and investment management company specialising in luxury goods like Grade A office buildings, skyscrapers and high-end residences.

In China, luxury housing is on the up and up so Callas works hard on the brand, organising client events with up to 1000 attendees and implementing marketing campaigns.

She urges students and new graduates to practice their skills in a real business setting. Cocktail sessions after talks at GCU London provided a fantastic opportunity for her to network with potential contacts.

The fashion world still beckons Callas and she hopes to become a part-time fashion stylist or styling consultant one day.

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