Sumaya Hendricks

MSc in Social business and Microfinance 2016

Programme Coordinator at ASRI Future Leaders 

Sumaya Hendricks 680px

"Doing a Masters degree offers one the opportunity to develop one’s mind as the focus is more on thinking critically. I would also advise people to use the opportunity to develop networks, meet people from other cultures and to explore the country."
Sumaya Hendricks

We caught up with GCU graduate Sumaya Hendricks to hear more about her inspiring programme to equip the leaders of tomorrow. 

After finishing her degree, Sumaya was approached by a newly formed public policy institute in Johannesburg about coordinating a leadership programme for young people who were interested in the civil society and government sectors. 

The program aims to develop young people for the NGO and government sectors and hopes to recruit individuals who are socially and politically active in their communities. In other words, the program seeks to recruit young people who aspire, in different spheres, to create change in South Africa. 

In developing these young people, she hopes that their social capital and human capital are developed in a way that not only accelerates their personal growth but which also translates into increased opportunities for them in the future. 

She said: “If I had to relate my current work to what I studied, I would say that I am trying to develop social entrepreneurs who will contribute to the betterment of South Africa through their actions and advocacy.” 

As an international student, Sumaya found comfort in her friendly classmates who made the experience of moving to a new country less daunting. She also credits Prof Simon Teasdale and Dr Michael Roy for boosting her confidence. 

 “My advice to current and new graduates would be to use the opportunity to develop their ability to think,” she said. “With undergraduate studies, the focus is on learning and getting high grades.”

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