Veronika Keczkes

Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science
Diploma Home Economics 1960

Veronika image 680px

Veronika (top right) and classmates at Jordanhill College completing teacher training, late 1950’s

Veronika remembers her time as a student fondly:

“I was a Diploma I. student in 1957, a refugee from Hungary. Miss Gibson interviewed me and offered me a place on the course. 

The staff were so kind to me, helpful and caring. I’ll never forget the kindness of the staff and students. My English was rather poor, but I got a lot of help to complete the course. 

I was already married; my late husband was a medical student and finished his studies a year before me.

Sadly we had to move around a bit so we left Glasgow. Finally we ended up in Hull.

I corresponded with the Principal - Miss Gibson - for a long time. She retired to Edinburgh, yet she kept writing to me for a long time.

Miss Calder was my science teacher, another lovely lady. We have exchanged Christmas cards for many years now. 

We were invited to Caledonian University to celebrate our special (50th) anniversary. The Vice Chancellor talked to us, it was a nice occasion.

I still regard Glasgow as my home town and occasionally go back to this wonderful city.”

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