Dr Susan Scurlock

CEO, Primary Engineer
Doctor of Engineering 2017


Susan, while not an engineer by trade, has certainly spent a great deal of her professional life acting like one. Despite an early ambition to become an engineer, which was thwarted by her father who held strong beliefs that engineering was not a career for a girl, Susan has more than demonstrated that it is.

Her early career as a graphic designer saw her creating animations for Laser Light Shows, illustrating books and creating corporate identities. She later became a secondary school teacher, fulfilling another ambition, to teach.

In 2005, Susan established Primary Engineer with the simple aim of increasing the number of engineers entering the profession by engaging children as early as possible. Over the years, she has designed many programmes to engage teachers, children, engineers and parents with Primary Engineer; Early Years Engineer, Secondary Engineer, the Leaders Awards, the Institution of Primary Engineers and the Institution of Secondary Engineers.

Susan has brought together industry, government and education through a variety of means, helping to focus the importance of inspiring young people with the creativity, problem solving and ubiquitous nature of engineering.

At the heart of her work is a belief that all children should have the opportunity to reach their potential and that we can help to achieve that through the skills, understanding, awareness and practical nature of engineering.

Susan works with an inspired team in Burnley and Glasgow, which helps to support and realise her ambition. You will be lucky to catch her in either though, as she spends most of her time travelling to promote the vision of the company to as wide an audience as possible.

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