Dr Richard Brodsky



Award of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws

Richard Brodsky’s career in public service includes a 28 year tenure in the New York State Assembly. He serves as a Senior Fellow of New York University’s Wagner School of Public Administration.

He has chaired New York’s Committee on Investigations, Committee on Environmental Conservation, and the Committee on Corporations. His work focused on economic and social justice, the integrity of public institutions, the preservation of the environment, particularly the Hudson River, the integrity of the art market and the museum world, the closure of dangerous nuclear facilities and the links between legislative bodies and the public. In addition, Richard successfully litigated public issues concerning the constitutional separation of powers, abusive practices by public utilities, election law, environmental protection, and First Amendment freedoms. He served as Counsel in the Gore/Bush Florida election controversy.

He is a political columnist in the Albany Times Union, and has appeared in the Huffington Post, on national and regional television, and in many other publications.

Richard has served as founding President of the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators; with World Without Nazism, an international organisation that tracked and publicised resurgent Nazi and neo-Nazi movements; and as a Board Member of the Rockefeller Institute of Government.

He has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws by Mercy College and an Honorary Associates Degree by Paul Smith’s College. In addition he has received numerous awards including the Rockefeller College of Public

Affairs Distinguished Public Service Award, the Martin Luther King Jr Award, and the New York State Audubon Society William B Hoyt Environmental Award.

Richard has supported GCU’s establishment of its New York campus, GCNYC. He teaches at NYU’s Wagner School and is in private law practice. He has released an album of original compositions, The Concert For Richard Brodsky.

He continues to believe in the possibility of progress in the human condition and the centrality of principle, passion and civility in public life.

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