Dr Steve Begg



Steve Begg has been in the film industry for nearly 30 years, working on television shows, commercials and major feature films. He has amassed a list of credits including Aliens, Tomb Raider, Batman, Kingsman and Casino Royale, Skyfall and Spectre.

Steve began his career experimenting with visual effects in 8mm and 16mm film. One of his early films brought him to the attention of Gerry Anderson, creator of the Thunderbirds series. He was asked by Gerry to concept design and storyboard for the Terrahawks television series and this marked the start of a distinguished career.

Steve has managed to work seamlessly across traditional and digital film effects and was involved with providing iconic models suchas James Bond’s Aston Martin DB7, the Batmobile and more recently an exact replica of the MI6 headquarters in London for the James Bond film Skyfall along with supervising the CGI effects on those films.

In 2013, Steve received an Outstanding Achievement BAFTA award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to film and television, work which bridges traditional visual effects and his more recent work indigital effects.

Last year, he was one of two award recipients at the inaugural UK Visual Effects Society Awards.

Steve has been extremely supportive of the University’s students, delivering three Masterclasses and providing career advice and help with their personal portfolio development.

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