Dr Mary Fisher



Mary Fisher is an author, artist, political activist and social entrepreneur. She is also a global leader for social change through positive thought and action.

Her early experience with commercial broadcast media, and her experience with global social organisations (she was the first female ‘advance man’ in the history of the American presidency), provided a base of knowledge from which she continues to urge transformation in healthcare, to revise the perception, education and treatment of AIDS, to enable women’s empowerment through ethical livelihood and to inspire individuals longing for meaningful, joyful lives.

Ms Fisher is best known for her keynote address at the 1992 Republican National Convention – a speech ranked as one of the best 100 American speeches of the 20th Century (Oxford University Press). She was credited by the New York Times as having ’brought AIDS home to America’.

Diagnosed with HIV in 1991 and with breast cancer in 2012, she shares her experience to support AIDS research and education. As an artist famous for work in sculpture, handmade papers, jewellery and fiber arts, she trains women worldwide to earn a dignified living using her original techniques and materials.

Her international work has focused on Africa. The recipient of four honorary doctorates and countless tributes, Ms Fisher is an outspoken advocate for vulnerable people around the world. She has addressed audiences across Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and the US, authored six books, including her current bestselling memoir, MESSENGER, and is currently developing a community project, The 100 Good Deeds Bracelet.

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