Pedro Santos

Pedro Santos, MSc Social Business and Microfinance 2015

Founder of ReMake Up CIC


Pedro established a social business to help those who suffer psychologically as a result of the physical effects of medical conditions such as cancer, alopecia, or the treatments associated with them. REMAKE UP uses the profits from beauty focused permanent makeup to offer free medical permanent make up procedures for those with Alopecia (loss of eyebrows), Cancer (Areola & Nipple reconstruction), scars or burns, and simply cannot afford them. The growth of their business, supported by U-Hatch @GCU, UnLtd, The Lottery and Foundation Scotland, means they are now in a position to offer free treatments to these people for at least one day each week, through their Giving Fridays. 

What’s your social and/or environmental mission? ReMake Up aims to benefit people with physical transformations that resulted from an accident, self-harm, an offence, health condition or from birth. This includes, but not exclusively, people affected by scars, burns, stretch marks, alopecia or cancer, supporting the advancement of their aftercare. 

How do you do it? ReMake Up provides permanent makeup services as an allied health solution, supporting people regaining their confidence and building their self-esteem, when recovering from the loss of hair due to alopecia or cancer, reconstructing nipple & areola after breast surgery due to cancer, etc. These unfortunate events, quite often lead to a spiral of poor overall wellbeing, social isolation, and depression. 

What’s your personal motivation for being a social entrepreneur? I've been involved in the sector since 2011 in an advisory capacity, and since 2015 upon finishing my MSc. in Social Business & Microfinance with GCU, I was driven to set up a social enterprise. ReMake Up developed from an old aspiration of my wife Cristina and I. We had the belief that Permanent Make-Up could have a huge social impact on the lives of those recovering from the wicked side effects of their natural health conditions, or from events that have undermined their confidence, and their ability to complete an aftercare process.

What are your current projects? ReMake Up is now open in Glasgow Central Chambers, and as a result of the financial support received from U-Hatch @GCU, UnLtd, The Lottery and Foundation Scotland, they are now in a position to offer free treatments to those people for at least one day each week, through their Giving Fridays.

ReMake Up is also establishing the "Stroke 4 Stroke" campaign. For every paying customer, ReMake Up offers a free medical Permanent Make Up procedure to patients who cannot afford treatments and have one of the following health conditions; Alopecia (loss of eyebrows), Cancer (areola & nipple reconstruction), scars or burns from an accident, an offence, etc.

What exciting things do you have coming up?

We continue to deliver great quality Permanent Make Up services to all the clients interested in having their eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner performed, we are now able to offer Micropigmentation or Microblading as the techniques of choice. This also applies for Eyebrows in Medical procedures. Last August we started to gradually introduce complementary services, e.g. dermaplaning, micro-needling, and a line of Medical products by ZO® to complement the results of our Medical procedures.

For 2018 we will introduce Scalp4Him and Scalp4Her (S4H), two new Permanent Make Up therapies for hair loss and scar camouflage in the scalp area. 

Who do you want to work with more? We see our project as part of a wider solution to symptoms originating in health conditions. We know that Permanent Make-Up can have a real impact on overall well-being, including enhancing mental health. Therefore, we welcome referrals from any organisation engaging with patients recovering from cancer, Alopecia, self-harm etc, and we certainly aim to work more with the NHS, GP’s and private Surgeries.

 What's your biggest challenge? Despite the existence of Permanent Make-Up Practices in NHS Glasgow and Tayside for alopecia and cancer patients, the evidence of the need, impact and how Permanent Make-Up can be part of the Aftercare process is still minimal. This is the biggest barrier to promote what we do and how it has a real social impact. With our Giving Fridays we will have a good foundation of case studies to showcase what can be achieved. As one of our service users already said to us “it’s NOT just hair!”.

What top tips would you give to other entrepreneurs? The first tip it would be, DO NOT GIVE UP, if you truly believe in your project and are positive about your aims, you will get there. Build your networks: there is no such thing as enough when it comes to networking. Finally, share your ideas: allow people to point out your weaknesses and to give you suggestions, it will make your project much stronger.

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