Nadeen Purna

PhD Student
MSc Social Business and Microfinance


What did you enjoy most about life at the university? 

GCU is one of the few universities around the world to offer a postgraduate programme in Social Business. It has one of the strongest academic faculties with years of research experience and industry exposure to run the programme effectively. Which is why it was a no-brainer for me to apply to GCU for my PG study, and it was one of the best decisions I made. The university also supported me with a full tuition waiver.

How has your degree helped you? 

Life since leaving GCU has been quite dramatic. Thanks to such a unique orientation in my field, I got to work with the global leader and icon, and former Chancellor of GCU, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus in his organisation the Yunus Centre, working very closely with him looking after his current organisational priority "Yunus Social Business Centres". My experience in GCU also led me to my current endeavour as a PhD student with studentship back in United Kingdom. GCU certainly opened me up to not only to industry knowledge but also laid the ground for me to consider pursuing research, and explore the field of academia.

What advice do you have for people considering applying to university? 

Everyone finds and curves their own way from the experiences; but one advice I would give would be to not limit yourself to your studies only. GCU hosts a lot of interesting and useful events and activities, some through societies some by the students association. Participate in those and you will come across lot of amazing and enterprising individuals like you and also add to the richness of your experience at the university, especially if you are an international student.

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