Kumba Dauda

Wholehearted Social, Founder & CEO and Blogger & Influencer at Kumbear Xo
BA (Hons) International Fashion Branding 2015

Kumba Dauda 680px

Are you glad you came to GCU and why? 

Being a true Glaswegian, I always saw myself staying where my heart belonged and taking advantage of my home city’s bustling student scene. Growing up I had a natural interest in fashion, but once I started to look into different aspects of the vast fashion industry, I found a real passion for the marketing aspect. One of my greatest and proudest achievements is graduating and then following my passion for marketing to eventually building two successful online businesses. 

How has your GCU degree helped you?  

My time at GCU really did set me up and give me the knowledge and self-belief I needed to become a successful entrepreneur, blogger and online fashion and beauty influencer. 

My career began in and out of a few fast-paced roles in fashion and marketing. It wasn’t until I worked closely with some of Glasgow’s upcoming start-ups to help them grow their online presence that I decided that I wanted to be a start-up myself. I wanted to help more entrepreneurs increase their visibility online and build their brand’s social media presence. 

With the solid foundation in Marketing, I began to explore social media marketing. I set up Wholehearted Social earlier this year, which is quickly growing. Wholehearted Social focuses on bringing social media back to its roots by making it feel social again. Our goal is to create authentic, value-filled content for entrepreneurs with a focus on capturing their brand's tone of voice. 

So far, we have smashed all of our targets and are quickly making a name for ourselves in an already cluttered market. I've been featured in The Sunday Herald, The Herald and Live at Five on STV. Then in 2018, I won a LOOK award. So we are now in London - ready to take it to the next level. 

What advice would you give to current students and new graduates? 

GCU is what you make it. Always remember to keep a work-life balance that doesn’t tilt too far in one direction. Remember that you are at university for a reason, keeping that focus will stand you in good stead. What I thought I wanted to do or be whilst I was studying at university is pretty far from where I've ended up and where I'm headed. Keep your options open and follow your passion.



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