Jim Harvey

Founding Director of Circular Economy Growth Ltd
BA in Public Administration and Management, 1990-94 


Make, use and dispose – “our traditional, inefficient and wasteful way of living” said Jim Harvey, a founding director of Circular Economy Growth LTD and GCU graduate.

Governments, businesses and the public sector around the world are adopting an alternative way, the circular economy, to combat resource issues through closing the loop and eliminating waste.

 “Circular economy is the most exciting and important evolution of sustainability and resource use in many years. I believe its revolutionary approach will help address the terrible problems we face of marine pollution, increased waste, climate change, and destruction. It will also support sustainable and equitable social development, business growth and improve our environment,” said Jim.

He hopes to make a difference step by step with businesses and organisations to train, build and grow their businesses and communities to align with environmental sustainability.

This is why he recently founded Circular Economy Growth Ltd – a company striving to help and develop businesses and public sector organisations to understand the practical implementation of circular economy principles.

The idea of Circular Economy is to emulate natural cycles where there is no waste, “where every output is an input to another process, where renewable energy and the environment work alongside sustainability, as well as supporting ethical businesses. It enhances the world for all of us and supports strong business as well as social aims and sustainable development goals.”

Currently, he is working on a certification scheme for a circular economy in the form of a website which will rate a company’s circular economy credentials.

“This is an exciting way for business and organisation to chart their growth and development into the circular economy – to become part of the answer and avoid the problem and pitfalls of sticking to the old and unsustainable linear business models.

I want this to become the DNA of any business or organisation, which is objectively certified through our scheme - this will help customer growth and engagement.”

His current advice to students and new graduates is to “to work hard,” as he recollected his own time at GCU. “It has a world class reputation and is known for quality and top graduates. The knowledge I learned during my Bachelor has stayed with me and I remember many of the pieces of coursework I did as they are still relevant.  I think I worked most hard in the last two years as the first two years were heavily focused on socialising, drinking and having fun!  Very important but it dawned on me, I was also there to learn and at this point, I really put my back into it and not unsurprisingly for a return.”

He added: “I would also say whatever you study; try to understand sustainability and the circular economy as it will be the absolutely indispensable future of your career in everything you do. I really believe that.”

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