Jenny McCreary

Director of Sew Confident Ltd
BA(Hons) Fashion Business

Jenny McCreary 680px

What did you enjoy most about life at the university? 

I knew I wanted to do something fashion related from a young age, which is unusual! I could either have applied for the art schools, Heriot Watt or GCU. For me the Caledonian course was an all rounder. It had the creative side and the business side, I think one without the other is a mistake! I loved Uni! I started when I was 18 and I moved out of the family home into a flatshare shortly afterwards. Balancing, coursework, part time job and a gruelling flat party schedule was probably where I learned my invaluable work hard play hard mentality!

How has your degree helped you? 

I graduated in 2009, in the middle of the recession and the two years that followed proved to be the hardest of my life. I was unemployed twice in as many years due to businesses going bust, I could not find a decent job remotely related to my degree and I had about 5 failed business ideas along the way. Eventually in 2012 I found something that worked when I started Sew Confident. Sew Confident is a multi award winning company. I started it alongside 3 jobs to keep myself and the business afloat. 6 and a half years on we have 2 studios in the Glasgow area, a pilot franchise in Dundee, 13 freelance tutors, 1 full time employee(herself a GCU graduate) and we are recruiting for another full time member of staff. We are the only sewing tuition franchise available in the UK with big plans to become the biggest sewing tuition company in the UK...we're already nearly there!

What advice do you have for people considering applying to university? 

Be kind, and vibrant. Network like mad and make sure no one forgets who you are, might come in handy in the future!

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