Jack Rendall

PhD Student and Chair of Lingo Flamingo
BA (Hons) in Sport and Active Lifestyles Promotion 2014, MSc in Social Business and Microfinance 2015 and PhD in Economic Sociology – Social Enterprise 2018

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Jack is a GCU graduate who has three degrees from the university. His PhD delves deeper into social enterprises which a continuation of his MSc in Social Business and Microfinance. He is committed to building a better society through social business. Jack is also the Chair of Lingo Flamingo, a language learning service for older people.

What made you choose GCU and your specific course?

I think what led me to the masters, more than anything else, was that I’ve always had an interest in how organisations can have an impact on communities. I’ve got a family business back home and it’s a small community and some of my uncles have businesses as well so what’s been interesting is how these businesses can provide services for the communities that they’re in.

This university, in particular, spoke well to that because they have the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health. The whole remit of the university as well for the common good ties in nicely to where I’d like to go in the future in terms of starting a business and giving back to my community back home as well.

Favourite part of the course?

I think one of the best experiences at GCU I’ve had is meeting all the people that I have during the course. My masters had 12 different people in the class – there were 11 different nationalities. That gave me a really broad perspective around how people view the same subject and how they go around tackling it.

I would also add to that my other best experience which would be graduation too. I’ve done two graduations and I’ve got another one to go, hopefully, but that’s such a feeling of a job well done. That you’ve worked towards something for so long – you can finally relax a bit. So that’s a good feeling.

Why did you decide to do a PhD?

I never really considered myself to be much of a PhD person. I always held it up as something to be done by smart people and so after the masters I took the decision to say ‘well, I’ve enjoyed my studies thus far at GCU through the five years that I’ve been here and I would like to develop that further’ as well as not knowing which way I wanted to take social business.

A way of finding out what I wanted to do with social business was to go into research a bit further and that allowed me to focus on an area that I was really interested in. Now I can explore that and find out the best way that I can make a difference.

What three words sum up your experience?

I would say it’s modern, hopeful and vital. I would say it’s modern because it’s a new university in comparison to the likes of Glasgow University and that allows us to do some new and innovative things like the Social Business masters. It’s also hopeful and vital. I would tie both together because the work that we are doing is helping to reduce the inequalities in society which is work that I think is vital for the progression of our society.

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