Alan Smith

Director of Operations at Wood - Clean Energy
MBA 2009

Alan Smith 680px

Are you glad you came to GCU and why? 

Undertaking a Masters in Business Administration transformed my life. I went from leaving school at 16 to take up an apprenticeship with The Gas Board to setting up international offices across the world. My company supports renewable energy projects and my studies helped boost my confidence, capabilities and global outlook. I took off my 'blinkers' and love it. 

How has your GCU degree helped you?  

I studied every evening at GCU whilst holding down a full-time job, looking after my family, with two young kids, and travelling almost every road possible in the UK. My degree allowed me to change this and tap into my chosen market of renewable energy. As a long time environmentalist, I was keen to move into the bright, new green space and boy has it been a journey. 

What advice would you give to current students and new graduates? 

When I joined my first lecture, surrounded by lawyers, doctors, surgeons and other professionals, I was convinced that I had made a big mistake signing up for an MBA. I was wrong. Never doubt your capabilities or compare with others because you have many key skills that some smarter guys or girls don't have. Make your choice and do it. If I can then you can too.

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