Alan Edwards

Technology Support Engineer at CASIT UCLA Health
BA Social Sciences 2000

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Working at one of the most influential public research facilities in the world, Alan Edwards has made a home at the University of California Los Angeles. (UCLA)

Having spent a decade at the number one hospital in both Los Angeles and California*, Alan’s work at CASIT UCLA Health really is at the forefront of medical research.

However, it was the city of Glasgow, and Glasgow Caledonian University in particular that gave Alan the essential grounding and inspiration to work at the prestigious American university.

Alan made the decision to join GCU from Aberdeen College in 1997 (where he was teaching full time), enrolling in a Social Sciences degree.  Citing Glasgow as having ‘rich culture’, ‘great people’, ‘a city full of character’ and a ‘thriving art and music scene’, Alan made the decision to attend GCU immediately after being interviewed for the degree. Talking about his experience, Alan said: “GCU made a huge impact on me. I made lifelong friends, had great teachers and enjoyed the fruits of an amazing city.”

“I would not be the person that I am today, or indeed have the belief to run a $1.5 million system that is very complicated, and create what I believe is history.”

After graduating in 2000, Alan relocated to California in order to kick-start his career.

Quickly finding work as a temp at UCLA in Los Angeles, Alan knuckled down and worked hard, forming new working relationships and a plethora of new friendships. It was after being notified of a full-time position by a colleague that Alan would find his desired role within UCLA. After applying for the full-time position, Alan was successful and landed the role of ‘Technology Support Engineer’, under the umbrella of the Department of Surgery. His main role involves manning the day to day technology and audio/visual infrastructure and its related functionality. 

When asked about his future plans, both personally and professionally, Alan said:

“I remember watching a talk by Dr. L. Britt here at UCLA, he was the first African American in the United States to receive an ‘endowed chair’ at a major American medical school. He gave a speech that resonated with me at the time. In essence he was talking about the impact that individuals have in the medical field in cutting costs, waste and improved patient outcome.

I want to do the best job for CASIT and UCLA Medical Enterprise that I can, to take pride in my work and make a positive difference.” 

* U.S. News and World Report's annual honor roll

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