Glasgow School for Business and Society

The Glasgow School for Business and Society integrates the areas of business, law and social sciences to ensure that they are well placed to meet the needs of business and society. The School has an international outlook and is committed to developing partnerships across the world.

Fashion Business 2009


Risk Management 2000


Multimedia Journalism 2013


Man't, Tech & Enterprise 2012


Retailing 2006


BA Journalism 2009


Social Bus. & Microfinance


Int'l Fashion Branding 2015


Business Studies 1987


Multimedia Journalism 2013


Multimedia Journalism 2013


International Business 2016


Business Management 2008


Business and Law 2011


Business Studies 1999


Multimedia Journalism 2012


Social Bus. & Microfinance


MBA 2009


BA in Business Studies 1977


PhD Student 


Int'l Fashion Marketing 2015


Social Bus. & Microfinance


MSc in Marketing 2014


Fashion Business 2015


Tourism & Intl Travel Mgmt 2007


Citizenship & Human Rights 2014